I am Francis Ow Mun Yin,  from Singapore.

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Peace and Harmony





My book on origami hearts has been well received by the origami community.

The models in this book ranges from simple to intermediate and novices should have no problem trying the simpler ones and moving on to the more complicated ones after gaining experience.

If you like the book or read reviews on the book, you can get it at


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Member of:

  • British Origami Society [BOS]
  • Nippon Origami Association [NOA]
  • Origami Societiet Nederland [OSN]
  • St. Petersburg Origami Centre [Russia]
  • Magyar Origami [Hungary]

Activity Instructor [Origami] of the People's Association

About myself:

Started folding at a very early age- before even going to school. Was taught a few folds by my auntie. Started creating only in 1980 and have since been folding and creating. Fold all kinds of subjects but prefers modular and geometrical models.

Latest creations on display in a exhibition on 19th February 2000.

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Special Origami Projects I recommend to my friends and visitors:

The Peace Origami Tree Project

My Picture Gallery

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Folding my Creations

I am most well-known for my hearts creations, so to fold them, proceed to Folding Hearts.

I have also created a number of modular models, so to fold them, proceed to Folding Modular Models.

Last but not least to fold geometical models, proceed to Folding Geometrical Models.

Remember my motto:

Peace and Harmony through Origami